SW Idaho Q4 2016 Vacancy Report

Ada & Canyon county vacancy rates on average increased from 2.7% in Q3 to 4.0% in Q4 with the largest increase being multifamily building that increased from 2.1% to 5.1%. Canyon County multifamily homes had a vacancy rate increase of .7%. Single family vacancies in both Ada and Canyon County were .9%.
Ada County single family rental rates decreased an average of $20 from Q3. Multi-family rents decreased by an average of $77 per month. Overall the average decrease was $34 per rental unit which puts average rents at $1143 which is a significant improvement on the average rental rate of $935 that was reported in the Q4 2015 vacancy report.

Canyon County rental rates continue to climb and increased an average of $34 per rental unit overall, with single family homes increasing by $91 per unit and multi-family units decreasing by $17 per unit. Again, a significant improvement in our area compared to the Q4 2015 report which was an average rate of $697 per rental unit.

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